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Management team
  • Matthew Green
    General Partner & Cо-Founder
    • IT-entrepreneur & investor
    • 200 mln $ - capitalization of startups launched (US, EU, CIS)
    • Was funded by business angels from all over the world & VCs: CIS (Flint Capital, VTB Capital), USA (Intel Capital) и EU (EBRD) - more then 11 mln $
    • Experise: B2B SaaS, Edu-tech, Impact
  • Nick Kuzmin
    Managing Partner & Cо-Founder
    • IT-entrepreneur & VC-scout
    • Launched startups at USA, EU, LATAM markets
    • Fundraised 6,5mln $ for his clients from USA, UK, EU - based business angels
    • Member of FemTech Lab, London-based
    • Expertise: Web 3.0, Wellness/health-tech, Mobile apps
  • Natalia Brunceva
    Investor relations manager
    • Build 800+ business angels - sized community
    • Ex Investor relations manager at ALMAMAT
    • Expertise: angel investments & micro-funds